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3 Easy Ways To Get Your AC Ready For The Summer

With winter well behind us and spring quickly coming to a close, it means that summer is right around the corner, and many of us couldn’t be happier. Summertime means more time to spend with family, vacations, trips to the pool, backyard cookouts, and all sorts of other fun and engaging activities. However, summer also […]

Save Energy With A Smart Thermostat Upgrade

If it has been some time since your HVAC thermostat was upgraded, you’ll want to consider it. Every year in the USA, there are new inventions which make our electronics, appliances, and equipment run better. A smart thermostat can help you save energy. It can also help your heating and cooling equipment to last longer. […]

What Pinellas Property Owners Should Know about Air Conditioning Installations

During the summer months, you and your Pinellas family rely on your air conditioner for the comfort and security that you expect in your home. If you current air conditioner is old, damaged, unreliable, or inefficient, your family cannot enjoy your home to the utmost. As such, at this point in time, you should consider […]

Air Conditioning Humidity Controls To Stay Healthy In Pasco County

Your Pasco County, Florida home’s Air Conditioning system may not be enough to control humidity levels in your home, which can adversely affect your health. Poor indoor air quality includes humidity levels that are too high. Based on studies done on humidity levels in the home, indoor air that’s of poor quality causes health problems […]

Make Duct Cleaning Easier through Hiring Palm Harbor Professionals

If you want to protect your children from being exposed to airborne diseases, then you should have someone to conduct Palm Harbor  duct cleaning in your house. If you are not aware as to what duct cleaning is, it simply refers to maintaining the cleanliness of your heating and cooling systems. These systems include your […]

Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Launches Air Conditioning Website for Florida Residents

      Press Release For Immediate Release   Contact Allied Air Conditioning & Heating 8628 Rees Street Port Richey, Fl 34668 Telephone: 727 862 4616   Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Launches Air Conditioning Website for Florida Residents   Port Richey, Florida – August 22, 2012 – Allied Air Conditioning & Heating today […]

Is Your Air Conditioning Broken? Here Are a Few Repair and Maintenance Tips

Air conditioning is an essential part of a household or a business especially during the summer months. But prolonged use of the air conditioning will eventually lead to a few problems along the way. With the air conditioning broken, it’s difficult to relax or work because of the stifling heat. Is your air conditioning broken? […]

Common Components of Indoor Air Quality Service

Air within a room or house should always be monitored even if there is no indication that there is a problem. Indoor air quality service is a necessity and should be administered at least every six months. Not known to many, air within a room could still be full of contaminants and pollutants, which could […]

Air Conditioning System: How it Works

The main function of an air conditioning system is mainly to produce cool ventilation inside the building in which the heat is taken out from a certain location to give a chilled air effect. The main process is that the air circulation is drawn to the condenser containing refrigerant gas. The circulation process undergoes three […]


Good heating systems are important to every home. Whether they have centralized heating units or just the local ones, both still calls for proper maintenance. Even if modern advances in technology have improved heating system operations nowadays, machines will remain machines, and they will always need repairs along the way. For this particular part, you […]

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