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Air Conditioning Humidity Controls To Stay Healthy In Pasco County

Replace Home Air FilterYour Pasco County, Florida home’s Air Conditioning system may not be enough to control humidity levels in your home, which can adversely affect your health. Poor indoor air quality includes humidity levels that are too high.

Based on studies done on humidity levels in the home, indoor air that’s of poor quality causes health problems when fungi, airborne bacteria, mold, mildew, and other pollutants take root and produce spores as they grow. These spores produce toxins that freely travel through the air, get into our lungs and all over everything.

Bacteria and mold, fungi, produce toxins that travel through the air. These toxins are what make us ill. These contaminants thrive in highly humid areas. Unfortunately for many of us living in high humidity climates, this means many of us suffer with illnesses without even realizing the cause.

To combat problems with relative humidity in the home, the level of Pasco County indoor humidity should fall between 40 and 60%.* In our area of the country, this requires dehumidification equipment.

It seems wherever you look that we’re discovering more and more causes of illness as the years go by. Many indoor air conditions can adversely affect human health and well-being, including breathing related problems, but it’s only until recently that the information has become important and well-understood by homeowners.

Do you constantly feel drug down, tired for no reason, do you sneeze, cough, or have tickling sensations almost all the time? Do your sinus ache or do you get dull headaches a lot? Do you have ear, skin, or sinus problems all the time and can’t seem to get over them? Investigating your indoor air quality could be extremely important for you and anyone else living in your home.

One way to figure out if your home could be harboring conditions that can make you sick is to see how you feel when you’re away from the environment for a day or two. If you feel better when you’re away, we’d advise you to get your home tested for humidity levels.

Your humidity can be controlled through your HVAC system with the addition of humidity control equipment. There are many types of humidity sensors which regulate the dehumidifying equipment. They control the humidity levels within a preset range.

The dehumidistat works to help your air conditioning and heating system with the operation of high speed ventilation that turns on when the humidity level goes over the specified setting. The dehumidistat also helps your system save energy because a proper humidity level in the home takes less to heat and cool.

At Allied Air Conditioning & Heating, we work with dehumidistat and humidity problems all the time. We highly recommend this system for all homeowners living in highly humid areas. Your indoor air quality is important, and so is your health.

You have options in whole home humidity control which take care of all your indoor air humidity levels. Crucial areas are the bathrooms and kitchens, where more humidity can be produced. Moisture in these areas is common, so fighting any excess is imperative to keep your air at the right humidity levels.

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