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Digital Thermostat AC Solutions by Allied Air Conditioning

Your HVAC Thermostat is Important

Your HVAC Thermostat is the brain of your A/C and Heating System, it attempts to maintain a constant temperature in the home by controlling when the System turns on and off. Allied always includes a new digital Thermostat with every new system installation.

Modern Digital HVAC Thermostats

Modern digital Thermostats (any HVAC Thermostat with a digital display) are very accurate and reliable and are now the industry standard for all A/C and Heating.

They come in lots of different shapes and sizes, with lots of different options, but they all serve the same basic functions of operating the system. (see Thermostats & Types of Thermostats)

HVAC Thermostat Options

With all of the options available on today’s Thermostats, you can always find a configuration that is just right for your lifestyle.

Whether you’re retired or rarely home Allied has the perfect Thermostat for you. (see Digital Thermostat Options and Features)


If you have Wi-Fi access in your home you can use a Wi-Fi enabled Thermostat. The main advantage of these thermostats is that you can monitor and control the Thermostat from anywhere using your Smartphone or Mobile device.

Some Wi-Fi Thermostats also have the option to display weather information on them.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable Thermostats allow you to schedule your temperature settings throughout the day so that the system will only turn on when necessary.

This means the A/C and heating system will run less and that will save you money!

Allied HVAC Thermostats

Allied carries all major brands of digital Thermostats.

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