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4 Tips for Getting an AC Tune-Up in New Port Richey, FL

By May 9, 2023May 12th, 2023Blog
AC tune-up

Florida experienced its fifth warmest year in its entire history in 2022. Experts at NOAA predict that the 2023 summer will be just as warm. These hot and humid temperatures have many New Port Richey, FL, homeowners retreating indoors. 

However, if your AC system is not up to the task, you could end up miserable. Prevent this from happening by scheduling an AC tune-up. These tips will help you stay cool and comfortable this summer. 

1. Contact AC Companies Early

Homeowners tend to wait until it is already hot out to call for an AC tune-up. However, this means they waited too long. The hot Florida temperatures are already on the rise. 

Their AC unit is already working harder than necessary. AC companies also have increasingly packed service schedules as demand increases. This could cause you to wait longer than you would like for service. 

Instead, act early in the season. The official first day of summer is June 21st. So, now is the perfect time to schedule your AC tune-up. Demand is lower, and temperatures have not reached their peak. 

2. Request AC Repair Free Estimates

Many AC companies service Pasco County, FL. Do not call a company blindly or based solely on advertising you see. Instead, research to find a reputable company quoting a fair price. 

Allied Air Conditioning and Heating have provided high-quality service since 1985. Homeowners in Pasco County, North Pinellas County, and South Hernando County can trust the services they receive. Allied Air Conditioning and Heating provide installation guarantees, friendly customer service, and experienced technician performance. 

Ask for estimates and the services included from potential AC tune-up companies. This lets you better understand what to expect regarding service and price. 

3. Get the Right Service 

When scheduling AC maintenance, ask what is included in the service. Make sure the technician will perform all necessary tasks to ensure the entire unit gets maintained. The technician should inspect all electrical components, the refrigerant charge, and the condensation drain. 

Electrical components may need adjusting or tightening. The technician may also clean the outdoor coil and equipment panels. 

4. Address Trouble Signs 

The goal of a tune-up is to prevent problems from happening during the hottest Florida summer months. However, it is also an opportunity to address trouble signs you have ignored. These could include an air conditioner leaking, the AC pan leaking, or even poor indoor air quality. 

Let the AC company know of your concerns when scheduling a tune-up. The technician can then take a closer look and make any necessary repairs. 

Schedule an AC Tune-Up in New Port Richey, FL

With summer upon us in Florida, there is no better time than the present to schedule your AC tune-up. Allied Air Conditioning and Heating technicians will come to your New Port Richey, FL home. They will check your system and perform necessary maintenance or repairs. 

Request an appointment or estimate, and we will visit you in New Port Richey, Port Richey, Elfers, and Holiday.