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5 Benefits of Having Great Residential Indoor Air Quality

By September 24, 2021January 10th, 2024Blog
residential indoor air quality

Some 37 millions Americans suffer from some sort of chronic lung disease. Of these, COPD and asthma are the most prevalent. Many millions more struggle with severe allergies caused by pollen and dust.

For many, a functioning HVAC unit is their first (and only) defense against airborne illness. The HVAC unit, which stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, not only heats and cools a home but regulates residential indoor air quality.

Your indoor air quality measurement will have a lasting impact on many aspects of your health, even if you are not a victim of a chronic disease or debilitating allergies.

In the following article, we’ll discuss 5 benefits of HVAC air quality and how it can improve your general wellness.

1. Your Heart and Lungs

As you can imagine, indoor air quality services are of major importance to lung functions. The air you breathe in your home is filtered through your HVAC system, and the level of filtration directly impacts your lungs. However, the screening of particulates also can affect heart health.

Particulate and pollution exposure has an impact on your heart. Several studies show a correlation between heart disease and these environmental factors. Also, recovery from any pulmonary episode relies on a healthy and pollution-free environment for maximum wellness.

2. Better Skin

While exposure to the sun has the greatest impact on your skin in most cases, breathing air that is free of pollution and other harmful environmental factors is also essential.

Your exposure to clean air impacts your skin’s elasticity and is one factor that determines wrinkles. Also, when equipped with a humidifier, your HVAC system helps control the dryness of the air inside your home.

3. Exercise Level

Even a short aerobic workout a few times a week will improve your wellness and allow you to feel better and stay healthy. When combined with a proper diet and a strength routine, these workouts can take the pounds off or help you maintain a healthy weight.

If you can improve indoor air quality, it is much easier to maintain your workout regimen. Also, a comfortable temperature is important for maintaining motivation for your home workout.

4. Diabetes

Unfortunately, areas with a high level of particulate air pollution also have a high rate of diabetes. This could be because of the 12.5% of people without HVAC systems; many are found in poor or low-economic areas with elevated populations of people living with diabetes.

5. Cognitive Decline

Thirty or 40% of people over the age of 65 reports some sort of cognitive impairment.  Air pollution and excessive particulates have been shown to play a part in this decline in some scientific studies, especially in groups over 50 years in age.

However, these declines also seem to correspond with larger health problems listed above, including heart disease and diabetes. Also, long-term stress and the ability to relax also play a factor. Elements that a clean breathing environment can help stave off.

Better Residential Indoor Air Quality Today

Consider auditing your residential indoor air quality if you want to improve your health and wellness in Pasco, Pinellas, and Hernando Counties. You can do this by contacting a certified HVAC professional and requesting an audit of your existing HVAC system or through an estimate for a new one.

If you want to learn more about these services or the benefits of air filtration, contact us today for a professional evaluation.