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5 Questions to Ask Your Potential HVAC Contractor

By June 8, 2021October 2nd, 2022Blog
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Depending on what climate you live in, your HVAC system works relentlessly to keep you warm in the cold months and cold in the warmer seasons. With all the work your HVAC system does for you, it wouldn’t hurt to hire an HVAC contractor to come out and maintain it now and then.

You don’t want it to break when you need it the most. Plus, HVAC filters help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

If you need HVAC installation or maintenance, you should first know how to find a good company. Keep reading below for the top five questions to ask to find the best HVAC contractor in town.

1. How Much Experience Do You Have?

Ask the company how long they have been around. If they are fresh out of the gates, that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t do a good job.

It just means that they don’t have years of experience working with HVAC systems. Some people prefer companies who have been around for a few years. That often yields seasoned professionals who know what they are doing.

2. Do You Have Licensing and Insurance?

Each state requires HVAC companies and contractors to obtain a license. In Florida, these companies must apply for a Class A, B, or C license through the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. If you live in another state outside of Florida, you can check the licensing requirements here.

You have every right to ask for their license number to ensure it is valid. Along with a license, check to see if they have insurance. Hiring an HVAC professional who has the proper insurance will save you if anything goes during the job.

3. Can I See Your References?

Any reputable company will give you their references. Ask to see what people have said about their work in the past. If they have nothing to hide, they will gladly let you take a look.

4. Can You Perform an Energy Analysis?

You want a company that will perform a comprehensive energy analysis of the house. That is because it will give the technician a good idea of hat the best solution is to fix your HVAC system.

For instance, you might require an entirely different HVAC than the one you currently have. An energy analysis also shows how dedicated the company is to giving you the best HVAC maintenance service.

5. Can You Give Me HVAC Maintenance Tips?

You probably want to know how you can maintain your HVAC system on your own to prevent further issues. The technician or company you choose should be willing to provide you with some handy tips and tricks to keep your system in shape. And, remember, if they attempt to charge you for this, they are not a reputable company.

Hire an HVAC Contractor

As you can tell, there are several questions you should always ask whenever you hire an HVAC contractor. If you follow these rules of thumb, you will hire the best professionals out there to handle your system.

We hope this article helps you with your search for an HVAC repair company. At Allied A/C Heating, we offer some of the best HVAC services in Florida.

If you live in Pasco, Hernando, or Pinellas County, FL, please feel free to contact us today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our services.