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7 Tips for Finding AC Repair Services During Hurricane Season

air conditioner hurricane prepping

It’s hurricane season 2020, and we are also in the dog days of summer.

Not the best time for an air conditioning failure!

Fortunately, here on Florida’s west coast, there are many air conditioning repair services eager to assist with our air conditioning woes, especially in hurricane season. Unfortunately, here on Florida’s west coast, there are many, many, many AC repair services.

How can I choose the right AC repair services for my particular unit during this critical time of the year?

Here are 7 tips that will help.

1.  Knowing My Product

Knowing the brand/type/model and age of my air conditioning unit is basic. Central air conditioners in Florida have shorter life-spans than in other states, and being aware of the maintenance history on my air conditioner will make me an informed consumer.

2.  Must-haves: License and Insurance

Any reputable air conditioning contractor has a current and active Florida state license. This can be verified at The license number must be connected to the business name and displayed on all advertising, including vehicles, websites, business cards, and contracts.

Verifying the company has personal/property damage liability and workers’ compensation insurance can be done by getting certificates of insurance with myself, the consumer listed as the certificate holder.

3. Get References and Reviews

Before hiring anyone for AC repair services, ask friends for their recommendations, and look for excellent reviews of companies on consumer sites that are not paid for their endorsements.

Experience and company history are a big part of the company’s reputation. Also, some companies specialize in a particular brand of air conditioner, so once again, knowledge of the brand I own will allow me to find a repair specialist for my specific model.

4.  Compare Pricing of AC repair services

Beware of companies that offer ridiculously low pricing for repairs. This usually signals cheap and unfavorable work.

Getting quotes in writing that include labor and materials costs will help in comparing vendors, so I find the right repair service for my budget.

5.  Availability of Service

An AC repair services company that can come to my home in an emergency any time of day or night, as well as on weekends will keep me worry-free if I have a problem, especially during the height of the hurricane season.

Prompt response from the company to my call for service should be within 12-hours at most.

6. AC Protection Products For Hurricane Season

A good AC repair company will recommend and carry products that will protect my air conditioning system, like an ultraviolet light attachment, which helps ward off mold, and a protective cage for the outside unit.

7. Regular Maintenance Contracts

Regular maintenance includes cleaning and flushing the system and checking all parts for wear.  A wise move in Florida, regular maintenance contracts ensure that my system will be inspected and maintenance anywhere from once to twice a year.

Don’t Delay

Air conditioning is non-negotiable in our state, and finding the right AC repair services is worth the time and effort.

Click here for more information on all things related to air conditioning in Florida, and be primed and ready for hurricane season.