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3 Easy Ways To Get Your A/C Ready For The Summer

By December 21, 2017January 10th, 2024Blog

With winter well behind us and spring quickly coming to a close, it means that summer is right around the corner, and many of us couldn’t be happier. Summertime means more time to spend with family, vacations, trips to the pool, backyard cookouts, and all sorts of other fun and engaging activities. However, summer also brings with it a number of issues and concerns that you need to be aware of, and some of the most important of these have to do with your home air conditioning system. During the summer months ahead, your Port Richey air conditioning system is going to be running nearly nonstop, if it isn’t already, and that can be particularly harsh on the unit. No one wants to have to go without cool air during the summer, but if your system isn’t prepared for the task ahead of it, that’s exactly the kind of position you could find yourself in. Don’t take chances when it comes to you and your family’s comfort. In an effort to make sure that our customers are able to stay comfortable this summer, our team of experts has taken the time to put together this short list of things you can do now before summer starts in earnest to prepare your air conditioning system for the long months ahead of it.

Change Your Air Filters

Dirty air filters are one of the leading causes of air conditioning failures all across the country, and changing them is one of the easiest tasks you can perform. A dirty air filter restricts the flow of air to your air conditioning system, making it work harder to do its job, and causing a great deal of additional strain on the system. This additional strain makes it much more likely for damage to occur to the system itself, and can even shorten the lifespan of your system dramatically over time. Make sure that you are changing out your disposable filters at least on a monthly basis, or taking them out and giving them a thorough cleaning is you have permanent filters in place. Taking small steps now can help ensure that your system is up and running efficiently all summer long.

Clear Your Outdoor Unit Of Debris

Before summer starts up in earnest, it is a good idea to take a walk around the outside of your property and ensure that your outdoor air conditioning unit is free and clear of any debris that might have accumulated over the previous months. Be on the lookout for leaves, twigs, weeds, or any trash that might have found its way to the around around your outdoor unit, and make sure it is all removed. Anything that finds its way into your unit could cause serious damage to the unit itself, and might even result in a system breakdown if the damage becomes bad enough. Your outdoor unit has to be free and clear to dump the heat from inside your home outside, and any obstructions can impede this process, and might even make the unit overheat if you aren’t careful.

Make Sure Your Vents Are Open & Clear

Before your system starts to run nonstop, you want to make sure you take a walk around the interior of your home as well and ensure that all of your vents are open and unobstructed to ensure that airflow to and from your system isn’t being impeded. This includes not only making sure that dust and dirt are cleaned away, but also that there is no furniture or drapes or the like blocking these vents, reducing the airflow throughout your home.


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