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HVAC Industry Addresses Florida’s Humidity Issues

Florida Humidity Issues Solved Palm Harbor

Does your A/C Thermostat say it’s 75°F inside, but you don’t feel comfortable? The reason for this is most likely high humidity.

Humidity (for A/C purposes) is the amount of water vapor present in the air, inside your home, and is measured in % of Relative Humidity (RH).

  • Most people feel comfortable between 45% – 55% RH (@ 76°- 80°F)
  • Mold and mildew are able to grow above 60% RH

Indoor comfort is achieved by controlling the temperature and the humidity inside the home. While indoor temperature is always important, indoor humidity control (or dehumidification) is even more important, especially in high temp/high humidity climates, such as ours.


The HVAC Industry recognizes this fact and has taken steps to address it. New A/C and heating systems now have the option of using variable-speed indoor fan motors on some models. Older systems and still many new systems use single-speed motors which, as the name suggests, only run at one speed. This works fine for temperature control but does not dehumidify nearly as well as a variable-speed motor.


The main advantage of a variable-speed indoor fan motor is that it can “ramp-up” and “ramp-down”, utilizing a range of speeds. This allows them to run at lower speeds most of the time, only “ramping-up” to higher speeds when necessary; this increases dehumidification and saves on electricity costs.

Also, another recent innovation is thermostats with built-in humidity control. These state-of-the-art thermostats monitor both temperature and humidity. They can be used on any A/C system, old or new, and enable the system to further dehumidify your home in addition to controlling the temperature.


Furthermore, new A/C systems are also available with 2-speed and variable-speed Compressors. This means that the whole system (not just the indoor fan) can run at lower speeds most of the time, only utilizing higher speeds when necessary. This further increases dehumidification and saves even more on electricity costs. As you can see, updating your old A/C and heating system will not only save you money but increase your indoor comfort as well. So why wait? Call us today to schedule a free estimate to see which new A/C and heating system fits your needs best. Several financing options are available, get approval in minutes. 


(see “The HVAC Encyclopedia” at to learn everything you need to know about A/C and heating in Florida)


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