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What are the Risk of Buying an Air Conditioner or Heater Online and Installing it Yourself?

By December 28, 2018Blog
Risk of Buying an AC or Heater Online and Installing It Yourself

In this day and era, you can buy almost anything online, Air Conditioners and Heaters included. Thousands of online vendors will promise you the best HVAC systems at the lowest price possible. But, what they don’t tell you is that there are a lot of risks associated with buying an air conditioner or heater online. Yes, you may save up a few bucks on the initial purchase. But, in the long run, you may end up damaging the system when you install it all by yourself.

Allied Air Conditioning & Heating, being a locally trusted air conditioning and heating repair services provider in Palm Harbor, Florida. We have taken it upon ourselves to educate you about the risks of buying an AC online and installing it yourself.

1. Warranty Issues

An HVAC system is a significant investment and should be handled with care. When you opt to buy one online, then there is no guarantee that a licensed contractor will install it. Remember, when the installation procedure isn’t done by a licensed contractor then in case something happens, the warranty may not cover that. Moreover, anyone can sell air conditioners, but not everyone can install them correctly.

The installation procedure for air conditioners and heaters requires skill and proficiency which can be obtained from an AC service provider such as Allied Air Conditioning and Heating. The successful installation of a new unit requires knowledge on handling and setting up of the unit. We strongly urge our clients to avoid installing air conditioners or heaters all by themselves. As mentioned above, this is a complicated procedure and requires knowledge and experience. It’s best if you let a professional do it.

2. Damage and Refunds

The primary reason why we advocate you purchase an air conditioner from a locally trusted company is to help you avoid receiving damaged or faulty units. A lot of customers have complained that they ordered for an air conditioner unit only for them to have it delivered in a damaged state. The product could have been damaged during shipment, or the sender could have intentionally sent it to you in that state.

See how risky it is for you to buy an AC system online? This will force you to dig deeper into your pockets and have the unit returned to the vendor or have it repaired. Moreover, this will take a lot of time before you can finally have a functioning AC in your home.

3. You Could End Up Buying The Wrong HVAC System

Do you intend on buying your first air conditioning or heating system? Then this means that you aren’t entirely familiar with this equipment. You could then risk buying the wrong HVAC system. The benefits of working with Allied Air Conditioning & Heating is that we not only help you purchase affordable and quality equipment, we go an extra length to help you find the system that will meet your heating and cooling preferences.

Having a functioning air conditioner or heater in your home, especially here in Florida is essential. It will help you get through the sunny days of summer. But, purchasing it online and installing it yourself isn’t the safest and best way. You may save something small, but the risk is too high to be avoided. For all matters regarding air conditioner and heater prices, installation, and repair, feel free to call or text 727-888-5517. At Allied Air Conditioning & Heating, we are the best locally trusted air conditioning & heating repair services provider in Palm Harbor, Florida.