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An Ultimate HVAC Checklist: Fall Maintenance for People in Port Richey

By December 18, 2019January 10th, 2024Blog, Preventative Maintenance
An Ultimate HVAC Checklist: Fall Maintenance for People in Port Richey

If you live in lovely Port Richey and want to stay warm this fall, you need to have a checklist in place for your HVAC system. Preventative maintenance will make a big difference in the service you get out of it.

The HVAC checklist below will help get you started.

Change the Filters

The filters in your HVAC system are in place to keep it clean and gunk-free. Without filters, it would be easy for the inner workings and vents to get clogged.

Before you start your heater up this fall, be sure that you change the filters.

Test the System Before Running it This Fall

After you change the dirty filters, you need to see how your overall HVAC system is running. Test out the system for yourself and see if you hear anything out of the ordinary.

Give it about 15 to 20 minutes to get started in earnest, and pay attention to how quickly your home heats up over the course of the next hour. Note how it is blowing air and how efficient the system is running.

You should also pay attention to any burning smells or other odors.

Call For an Inspection

An inspection definitely needs to be high on your HVAC checklist.

With an inspection, you can get a professional word of advice about what you need to do with your HVAC system. They can let you know if your system will even make it through the fall, and will give you whatever repairs you need to be sure that this happens.

Since winter is just around the corner also, fall makes the perfect time to get an inspection so you can stay warm for the rest of the year. This will help you also fix your HVAC system so it makes better use of energy. When the system is more energy-efficient, you won’t notice as sharp a spike in your heating bills.

Get the Thermostat Checked Out and Fixed

The thermostat has to work properly for the rest of the HVAC system to work. Without it, your system will give you problems and will waste a lot of energy. This will get costly and will also make your home very uncomfortable.

You might be able to head to your local hardware store, grab some tools and fix your own thermostat if you feel capable. Otherwise, you can call up a home heating company to help you get it fixed.

Change Parts That Need Work

After you test out your HVAC system and get it inspected, change any parts that are too old to work the same. It’s better to change them in advance rather than letting them get old and start hurting your system.

You can also shop the web for some of your own parts so you can find a deal.

Follow This HVAC Checklist

This HVAC checklist will help with a lot of problems that you run into. Use this as your guide when you need help this fall.

Come talk to us about your heating and cooling needs.