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Broken Thermostat vs. Broken HVAC Unit in New Port Richey, FL

By January 18, 2023January 10th, 2024Blog
broken thermostat

2021 was the sixth hottest year on record. And based on the trends, the weather could keep getting hotter. You should want to ensure that your New Port Richey, Florida home stays comfortable in the heat

It’s usually the responsibility of an HVAC system to keep a home cool. However, your HVAC can’t do that with a broken thermostat. New Port Richey Florida HVAC repair technicians can replace this part.

However, before you call them, you need to make sure it’s the thermostat that’s broken. It may be that the HVAC is broken instead. Read on to learn some signs of HVAC thermostat issues.

Signs of a Broken Thermostat vs Broken HVAC

So you’ve noticed that your HVAC doesn’t seem to be heating or cooling a room. This may be happening because a part of your HVAC is struggling. However, a broken thermostat can also cause these issues.

Is your HVAC not working, turning on too often, and/or experiencing other issues? If so, try checking your thermostat for the issues below.

If these thermostat issues aren’t present, your HVAC thermostat isn’t the problem. You’re likely dealing with more complex New Port Richey HVAC problems.

Thermostat Power Status 

Inspect your HVAC’s thermostat. The display should be on. Your thermostat should also respond to you touching the buttons.

If the display is off and/or the buttons don’t respond, your thermostat is to blame for any HVAC issues.

Thermostat Setting Retainment

A broken thermostat can also struggle to retain the settings that you entered. If the settings you see are different than what you remember setting, your thermostat is broken.

If you don’t remember your previous settings, that’s all right. Enter some new settings and write them down. Come back later and compare the thermostat’s settings with what you entered.

Thermostat Temperature Accuracy

Do you have a thermometer or other temperature-measuring device? If so, grab it. Then bring it over to your HVAC thermostat.

Compare the temperature on both devices. If the temperature on the thermostat does not match that of the other device, your thermostat is broken. You may need a replacement.

Thermostat Batteries

However, there’s one effort you can make before calling a New Port Richey Florida HVAC repair service to replace a thermostat. Try replacing the thermostat’s battery.

Did the issue go away after you did this? If so, you were dealing with thermostat issues all along. You’ve likely just fixed the issue as well.

Let Us Help You With Your HVAC Problems in New Port Richey

As you can see, you don’t need to panic over HVAC issues. You won’t necessarily need to pay a lot to replace a complex part. The problem could be as simple as a broken thermostat.

If you need help replacing your thermostat or with any other New Port Richey Florida HVAC problems, contact us. We also serve Hudson, Holiday, Trinity, and many more Florida cities. Request a price estimate appointment by calling one of the numbers or filling out the form on this page.