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Different Air Conditioning Units – Pros, Cons & Differences

By July 16, 2018January 10th, 2024Blog
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Summer in Palm Harbor FL, calls for taking a swim in the pool or running around the sprinkler to cool yourself. However, when the heat becomes too much, the best thing is to invest in an air conditioner. But what kind of air conditioner should you buy?

Selecting the right air conditioning system can be a daunting task, especially considering the wide variety that is available. We are dedicated to making your home habitable this summer, so we compiled a list of the common air conditioning system and the pros and cons of each.

Classification by the type of AC model

The portable air conditioning system

Portable air conditioners are preferred because of their versatility. If you are thinking or buying one this season, here’s what you should consider.

Pros of portable AC systems

  • You can move them wherever and whenever you desire
  • Units are usually cost-efficient, with prices ranging between $500 and $1200
  • You can buy a system for heating and cooling system or for cooling only
  • They are available in $8,000, 10,000, 12,000, 14,000 and 16,000 BTUs

Cons of portable AC units

  • They usually have a low energy rating
  • Offices and homes that use the unit might have a difficult time rolling it

Window unit air conditioning system

They can be installed in a window or on a wall. The unit is one of the oldest types of air conditioner, but with time it has been modernized.

Pros of window units

  • They are relatively easy to install. All you need to do is to place it in the right window and offer support
  • The units are quite cost-effective; with their prices ranging between $400 and $1,500
  • They come in various sizes ranging from 5,000 BTUs and 36,000 BTUs

Cons of window units

  • Since the system lacks a duct system with vents in all the rooms, the surrounding areas feel the effects of cooling immediately while outlying areas take a long time to condition
  • Since the unit can only be installed on a window or the wall, it is not as versatile as the portable unit

HVAC air conditioning system

Among the three types of AC units, this is the only one that comes with a fitted heating system as well. Therefore, you can use it all year around.

Pros of HVAC units

  • The system adjusts with the temperature changes
  • The HVAC system offers overall heating and cooling to all rooms that are connected to the ductwork network
  • An HVAC system with high rating ranges between $3,000 and $5,000

Cons of HVAC system

  • The required ductwork might be costly and prone to damage or deterioration from age
  • Unlike in the case of a ducted system, you cannot adjust the temperature in every room
  • New installation includes the cost of labor and ductwork

Classification by functionality

Ducted vs. split system air conditioner

How do split air conditioners work?

The split AC systems come in two distinct parts. One part is installed inside the house while the other is installed outside the house. The outside part is the condensing heat exchanger. The inside part is the evaporative heat exchanger that offers cooling to your house.

Pros of split AC system

  • Initial purchase price is affordable
  • The installation is not labor intensive; a licensed technician can install it in a few hours
  • It is efficient

Cons of split AC system

  • It can only be used to heat small rooms

How does ducted AC system work?

The system comprises an external compressor and an internal inverter. The box can be mounted on the wall, ceiling or floor.

Pros of a ducted AC system

  • They use relatively low voltage of about 208 to 230 volts
  • It uses minimal ductwork
  • They require low installation costs
  • They come with high energy efficiency

Cons of ducted systems

  • Units must be installed by a professional, which might be costly
  • They are relatively expensive to purchase

What is the difference between ducted AC and split AC?

While split systems are easy to install, they are cannot cool a large area. Ducted systems are less intrusive if you want an AC system for a whole floor. Ducted systems also cool the house uniformly.

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