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Frustrated and Hot Homeowner in New Port Richey FL

Broken Air Conditioning In Pasco County, FL?

The Florida heat is not easy to contend with, and life without an air conditioner can be unbearable. You need to secure the best and most efficient appliances before summer sets in so you are never left sweating in the heat inside your own house.

Air Conditioning Repair Pasco County FL

Here at Allied Air Conditioning and Heating, we promise to dedicate ourselves to the local Florida community and all their needs. Not only do we provide quality installations, but we also give expert advice in all matters related to cooling.

Often you might find that your air conditioner is not performing to its potential or making strange sounds. It might be time for repairs. Look out for these signs if you are debating whether to have your air conditioner examined.

  1. There is no cool air flowing:

The most obvious sign that your A/C is broken is that it will stop doing what is supposed to do. No matter what the setting is, the air conditioning system will not produce air as cool as before. In some cases, the air coming out of the vents is simply at room temperature. If this is the case with your appliance, then you must gear up for some serious repairs because the system’s compressor is not working anymore.

  1. Moisture Leak:

If you see any moisture or leakage from your air conditioner, then brace yourself for some problem. Leaks from the air conditioning system is hardly ever a normal occurrence.

In some cases, it could mean that the refrigerant is leaking and that is a matter of serious concern because it poses serious health risks to the people around the house. It’s a good idea to get your unit checked before each summer sets in so you know you’ve nothing to worry about.

On the other hand, if you notice a pool of water around your appliance, then it could mean that the drain tube that is responsible for eliminating the air conditioner condensation has faced some block or is broken.

  1. Weird sounds and odors:

When you switch on your conditioner for the first time after winter has passed, you might find that there are squealing, grating and even grinding sounds coming from the machine. In fact, this can also happen in the span of a day. Ideally, there should no sound except for the air flow from a modern A/C. Squealing noises happen when the belt is no longer in its place or if a metal component has low lubrication. In case the motor’s bearings are broken, you will hear grinding.

The emission of foul smells from the vents of your air conditioner can mean that the wire insulation is burnt. Sometimes, mold grows within the unit or ductwork because of moisture and can disrupt service.

  1. Reduced air flow:

If you think that the airflow from your vents has suddenly reduced in intensity, then have the compressor checked. On the other hand, if there is an inconsistent flow of cool air within the house, then there might be problems with the duct work.

If this has got your attention, then learn more from our experts.