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Hudson Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor

By February 10, 2018November 22nd, 2023Blog

Average Americans spend nearly 90% of their time indoors. For the infants, the elderly and the urban residents, in Hudson this percent of the time is likely to be higher. Studies show that indoor air pollution can be two to fives times to sometimes 100 times higher than outdoor air pollution. This puts the citizens in Hudson to a greater risk of contracting various diseases from indoor air pollutants. In fact, the US Environmental Protection Agency, EPA ranks poor indoor air quality one among the top five public health risks. Common diseases and symptoms are associated with poor indoor air quality.

Allied Air Conditioning & Heating – Hudson Air Conditioning

Since 1985, Allied has been proud to deliver superior quality HVAC services and annual maintenance to our local Hudson community. Our full-service company specializes in quality HVAC installations and expert service and repair on all makes and models of heating and cooling systems.

At Allied Air Conditioning & Heating, we are dedicated to providing excellent air conditioning and heating services to Hudson and surrounding areas. We stand behind our simple, no-nonsense warranty policies on all of the heating and cooling systems we install.

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Purchasing a new air conditioning system should not be a frustrating experience. At Allied Air Conditioning & Heating, our professional Hudson air conditioning contractors will provide you with all of the information you will need to make the best choice for you and your family. We will install a system designed for your needs, with maximum efficiency, at a price you are comfortable with. Allied Air Conditioning & Heating performs all installations to the manufacturer’s standards to ensure an accurate SEER rating and proper airflow.

It often happens that the Hudson air conditioner in the house is neglected until the day you notice no cool air coming from it. This is usually during the hot days of summer when this machine is most needed. You then try to put the settings to the highest level hoping it will make the machine work better. However, this is to no avail. You then decide that the only thing left to do is seek help for air conditioning repairs.

This need not happen if you know some basic facts about air conditioners and how to properly maintain them. Let air conditioning repairs be done on the most complex of things, for example, if the system needs refrigerant because of low levels due to a leak. The detection of the leak and the handling of the refrigerant are best left to professionals.

What you have inside your room is called the evaporator of the Hudson air conditioning unit. This is where the cool air comes from. In front of the evaporator, there is an air filter. As the name implies, it filters dust and other particles from the air before the air enters the unit. The most basic maintenance you can do is to clean this filter regularly. The occurrence of this task depends on how often the unit is used. To be safe, cleaning the filters should be done on a monthly basis. Running water will do. Typically, air conditioner manuals have instructions on how to properly maintain the filter. It is best to consult the manual if ever there are special instructions on how to do so.

“I couldn't be happier!!! First, they sold me the correct A/C for my house...bigger isn't always better...(who knew?!)...They saved me over $2000.00 over the competition...They were on time and very professional... I had a cool house in just 3.5 I'm writing this review they called to check coolant level (ALL PART OF THE SERVICE!!) .When you find an honest company "IT'S GOLD"!!”

Angie's List 09/19/2017

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