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HVAC Services: How To Find the Right Company in New Port Richey, FL

By May 27, 2022January 10th, 2024Blog
HVAC services

About 91% of homeowners have air conditioning installed in the United States. However, many of these HVAC units often need servicing.

Finding the best HVAC companies in New Port Richey, Florida, can be challenging, with many to choose from.

Picking the best option will ensure you have a reputable and efficient company to work with.

Continue reading for tips on finding the best HVAC services in New Port Richey!

Service Area

The first step to finding local HVAC companies is to find businesses that serve your area. Those living on the outskirts of New Port Richey may have a more difficult time finding a company that will travel to their location. Some companies only service within the city limits.

However, some companies will charge a fee if you’re outside of their servicing area. Always contact the company to let them know your location. They will then explain their service area policy.


Once you’ve found AC repair companies in your area, you can research them. Start by looking at each company you’re interested in online. You’ll be able to view their reviews from previous customers.

This information will give you insight into how the company conducts business and its quality of work. Cut down your options to a few of the highest-rated companies.


After narrowing down your options, you can contact each company directly to ask for a list of references. Each HVAC company should provide you with a few of their previous client’s information.

Use this information to contact these customers and ask about their overall experience with the company. Ask any questions to learn more about the company.


A company’s experience is a significant aspect to consider when hiring HVAC in New Port Richey. Older companies are usually more experienced and know how to handle most situations. These companies have also mastered techniques to get jobs done quickly.

Younger companies may be less experienced, but that doesn’t mean they are a bad company to work with. Often, these inexperienced companies will offer discounts to earn your business.


Before deciding which company to hire, you’ll need to ensure they are adequately insured. Insurance will keep the company liable for any damages, repairs, injuries, etc. A workers’ compensation policy will keep you out of legal trouble should any accidents occur on your property.


Comparing pricing options is always a great idea since businesses often charge differently. Getting a price quote from each option will ensure you get the best price. This estimate should give you an overall idea of how much you’ll pay for services.

Find HVAC Services in New Port Richey

These tips should help find HVAC services in New Port Richey quickly! Your AC unit should be up and running in no time!

Don’t forget to contact us today to speak with an air conditioning contractor. We will cover your AC and heating repair needs here at Allied Air Conditioning & Heating!