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Know When You Have a Problem and Who to Call: AC Repair New Port Richey

By April 8, 2019January 10th, 2024Air Conditioning Repair, Blog
AC repair New Port Richey

For the most part, air conditioners are reliable. However, as with all machines, they’re also capable of breaking down from time to time.

The question is, what should you do when a breakdown occurs? The answer is to call up your local air conditioner repair company.

Wondering if you require AC repair New Port Richey? Here are some signs that AC repair might be needed.

Refrigerant is Leaking

Do you notice a leak in close proximity to your air conditioner condenser? If so, your air conditioner is probably experiencing a refrigerant leak.

Refrigerant leaks occur when an AC’s refrigerant line suffers a puncture. This typically occurs due to physical trauma and can render an air conditioner totally useless. Until you get the puncture patched up, your air conditioner will most likely fail to produce cold air.

Limited Airflow

Another sign that your AC is on the fritz is if you’re experiencing limited airflow.

In most cases, limited airflow is caused by duct blockage. After all, the more dust and debris that exist within a system of ducts, the harder time air will have at traveling through those ducts.

In rarer cases, motor failure is to blame. If your AC motor can’t keep up with your cooling needs, you won’t receive the airflow you need.

In either case, it’s a good idea to bring in your local air conditioner repair service. They will find the source of the problem and make any repairs which might be needed.

Strange Sounds

All air conditioners make a noise while in operation. This is a whirring noise that emits from the condenser and which is extremely easy to identify.

Note, however, that if your air conditioner is making any other type of noise, it has likely encountered a problem of some kind. Whereas rattling sounds are indicative of loose components, thudding noises are typically indicative of condenser impairments.

Regardless of the noise that’s coming from your AC, you shouldn’t allow it to persist for long. Allowing such a noise to exist unrepaired can result in serious mechanical problems in the future.

Short Cycling

When an air conditioner operates, it goes through cycles. These cycles are needed in order to cool a room to the desired temperature. Unfortunately, when an air conditioner is on the mend, these cycles will sometimes stop short, failing to produce enough cold air to get the job done.

Short cycling occurs for a number of different reasons, but perhaps the most common reason is a thermostat malfunction. If your thermostat is not properly connected to your AC, it will tell your AC to shut off before it’s really supposed to.

In Need of AC Repair New Port Richey?

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