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What Pinellas Property Owners Should Know About Air Conditioning Installations

By February 10, 2018November 22nd, 2023Blog

During the summer months, you and your Pinellas family rely on your air conditioner for the comfort and security that you expect in your home. If your current air conditioner is old, damaged, unreliable, or insufficient, your family cannot enjoy your home to the utmost. As such, at this point in time, you should consider installing a new air conditioner in your residence.

At Allied Air Conditioning our Pinellas A/C technicians are here to help you with every aspect of this project. We have the knowledge, skill, and experience necessary to ensure that you choose the best air conditioner for your family’s unique needs. In the end, you are guaranteed to be completely satisfied with the results of our efforts.

Types of Air Conditioners

Generally speaking, there are two main types of air conditioners: central air and room systems. Likewise, for central air systems, there are two more categories: split and packaged central air conditioners. In most instances, a central air conditioner will be more efficient than a room air conditioner. The primary deciding factor between the two will be whether or not you have the requisite ductwork within your Pinellas home.      Pinellas Air Conditioning Repair

When choosing between a split or packaged central air conditioner, there are a number of things to consider. If your home already has a furnace, then a split system will most likely be the economical choice. Whereas it you are choosing to install a system that provides for both your heating and cooling needs, you will probably choose a packaged system.

Sizing is an Important Factor

One of the most important factors when choosing a new Air Conditioning Port Richey is its size. If you purchase too large of a unit, it will not adequately remove humidity from your home and will be less efficient. If you purchase too small a unit, your air conditioner will not be able to provide for your family’s demanded comfort.

At Allied Air Conditioning, our Pinellas air conditioning contractors can inspect your property and inquire as to your comfort goals. In this way, we can provide you with the information that you need in order to choose the appropriately sized unit for your home.

Energy Efficiency Boons

One of the primary benefits of installing a new air conditioner on your Pinellas property is the energy savings that you will enjoy. Just as a preview of the potential savings, consider the fact that contemporary air conditioners are anywhere from 30% to 50% more efficient than systems manufactured in the 70s. Likewise, an air conditioning installation can reduce your cooling costs by 20% to 40% even if your current unit is only ten years old. When you hire our Pinellas professionals to conduct the installation for you, you ensure that you will maximize these savings.


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