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Why Fall is the Perfect Time for a Thermostat Upgrade in New Port Richey, FL

By September 15, 2023November 7th, 2023Blog
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January is the coldest month in New Port Richey, FL, and the temperatures can get as low as 53°F. This may as well be considered below-freezing by the average Floridian. They’re all too used to temperatures that cause you to sweat the second you step outside of an air-conditioned building.

The good thing about these lower temperatures is that they allow homeowners to run their heat for the first time in over half a year. Fall makes for the perfect time for a thermostat upgrade and to get your HVAC system inspected.

Here’s why Fall is a good time to look into thermostat upgrades and how they can help you survive the cooler months.

Importance of a Thermostat Upgrade

Why should you upgrade your thermostat, anyway? After all, if it’s not broken, then you shouldn’t have to fix it.

First of all, your thermostat must continue to work at all times of the year. Second, your thermostat can help you save money if you buy the right one by better controlling your HVAC usage. It can also help you make quick adjustments if the temperature outside changes.

Take Advantage of Deals

Fall is generally a slow season for HVAC companies. It’s not cold enough to warrant replacing or repairing your heat. At the same time, the temperature is stable enough to open up your windows and let in the cooler Fall air.

This means that some HVAC companies will offer discounts and deals to generate business this time of year. The same may apply to new thermostats for sale.

You should consider investing in a smart or WiFi thermostat for your home for better control. Adjust the temperature from work, set a schedule, or monitor humidity levels at home.

Avoid Emergencies During Temperature Shifts

The most important reason to get a thermostat upgrade during the Fall is to avoid problems when the temperature eventually shifts.

HVAC companies get very busy when it gets cold, as people may run into problems with their systems. The last thing you want is for your thermostat to stop connecting with your heat and leave you freezing.

Save on Energy Costs

While a new thermostat is an investment, it can help you save money throughout the year. A malfunctioning thermostat may cause your air conditioning to run all day long.

Replacing or upgrading your thermostat is the best way to fix this problem. You can even get a smart device that helps you monitor your home’s temperature and set a schedule while you’re away.

Hire Indoor Air Quality Services Today

If you’re looking for a thermostat upgrade, you can’t go wrong with performing it in the Fall. However, you shouldn’t try to wire up the device if you’ve never done so before. Make sure to call up a specialist to make sure everything works fine.

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