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Night sweats

By February 9, 2022January 10th, 2024Uncategorized
a woman sleeping in bed who is feeling too warm.

Do you ever wake up at night drenched with sweat and have to kick off the covers looking for relief? Although there are many causes of night sweats that are related to various medical problems, we won’t get into that is best left to your doctor. However, there is a type of “night sweats” that we can relate to.

Do you find yourself getting up in the middle of night because you are too warm and can’t sleep? You go to the thermostat and find the temperature is fine and exactly where you left it but yet you feel uncomfortable. Well, in most cases the reason for this is that even though the temperature in the house is fine, and it is not hot enough for the air conditioner to come on, there is excess humidity in the house. Being in a humid environment like Florida humidity infiltrates into the house regardless of the temperature.

So what you are actually feeling in most cases is the humidity, not the heat. Fortunately, there is something we can do about this particular situation. The reality is that in a humid climate such as ours, most of your comfort from your air conditioning system comes from the dehumidification it provides more so than the temperature. When you come into your house after being outside on a hot, humid day you feel immediate relief mostly because of the relative dryness of the indoor environment as opposed to the outside. On most days during the hot, humid months in Florida your air conditioning system is running sufficiently long enough to consistently remove humidity and keep the house at a comfortable temperature/humidity.

However, in the period between evening and morning quite often the temperature is not warm enough to bring on the air conditioner which would provide dehumidification. It is in this time span when many people have to get up and adjust their thermostat to become comfortable. This scenario leads to the puzzling question – why?

The answer is the air conditioner is not running and dehumidifying the house resulting in discomfort in the home. This is a very common situation and has been occurring since the advent of modern residential air conditioning. It is often blamed on the air conditioning equipment itself when in fact the problem is not due to the system but the control of the air conditioning system.

Fortunately, new technology has come up with a solution for this. Now available are much more sophisticated thermostats giving you the option of keeping your house comfortable in any situation. We offer models of thermostats that respond to both temperature and humidity. We have had wonderful feedback on these thermostats, and people who have them say they will never go back to just a “normal” thermostat.

So, if night sweats” are a problem that you would like to solve, give us a call for information or pricing.