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How do I fix a leaking air conditioner?

By May 15, 2018November 22nd, 2023Blog
Old AC unit outside

We are soon going to need the A/C’s – the hot summer months are fast approaching. And while you will cherish going to the beach on a lazy Sunday afternoon, what about spending time in your hot rooms?

Many people complain that their A/C units leaking water which causes them a lot of concern. There are a lot of causes which can cause an air conditioner to leak water and the fix will depend on that. The right A/C unit repair in New Port Richey, FL service can help you know what’s wrong with your air conditioner.

Why does an air conditioner leak water?

An air conditioner performs different functions to manipulate the temperature of your home. On one hand, it sends cool air to make your home comfortable. On the other hand, it also draws out the hot air to decrease humidity levels. The whole process leads to condensation and water comes out of a small pipe going out of your home. The condensation affects the evaporator coil inside the A/C as it cools the warm air blowing over it. Here are the common causes of water leaks from A/C and how to fix them!

Clogging of Condensate Line

The condensate line may get clogged over time due to the buildup of mold, dirt, and mildew. Find the pipe outlet on the outside of your home and use Shop-Vac to get the debris out. Connect the tip of the vacuum securely with the end of the pie so all clogging can be sucked out.

Once the vacuum is on you will be able to hear sounds of algae and water coming out. Keep the vacuum working till everything is drained out. You can also use a hand pump or mighty vacuum for the process without using a Shop-Vac. Use a flashlight to see if the line has been cleared.

Blocked or Overflowing Drain PanYou will find the drain pan under the indoor air handler which has the evaporator coil. The drain pan collects all the water coming out of the A/C and may also leak.

Turn off your A/C unit and check the pipe and drain pan for any cracks or leaks. Check out all the corners, bottom, sides to ensure there are no leaks, you can also use a wet-dry vac to clean the drain pan.

You can use glue to fix cracked drain pans or replace them for best results. There is another drain pan welded inside the A/C unit and any problem with that will require professional help.

Clogged Air Filter

The evaporator coil cannot carry out adequate airflow if it’s broken or clogged. This leads the evaporator coil to freeze as it gets too cold. As the ice melts, your A/C unit drips more and more water.

Inspect the air filter periodically and replace it if it’s dirty. The best practice is to change it once in 2 to 3 months.

Inadequate Refrigerant

Low refrigerant decreases the pressure in your A/C system just like a dirty filter does. It also leads the evaporator coil to freeze and the melting water flows out from the overflow pan. Check out the following signs to spot low refrigerant-

  • Your A/C unit is not performing as per normal standards. A leaking sound with bubbling or hissing noise comes out. The seriousness of your leak will decide whether you can repair it or need to replace the whole air conditioning system.

Learn more from Our Experts

You may not be able to find the probable reasons for a leaking A/C unit.  Many times the internal parts are responsible which can only be discovered by a professional. You may learn more about such problems and get a lot of helpful information from our experts.

You must act to incidents of water leaks from the air conditioner to prevent further damage to them. The best is to call for professional help who can successfully fix your A/C system and increase its longevity. Contact us now for advice or offers