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Air Conditioning Service in New Port Richey, FL

Experiencing problems while working with your air conditioner?

The Florida weather makes it impossible for anyone to survive without an air conditioner. No matter how long you have been living here, nothing prepares you for the onslaught of heat and humidity that summer brings.

We, at Allied Air Conditioning and Heating, have been catering to the cooling needs of the local Florida community for ages now. We provide complete installations and excellent servicing so that you never have to face an issue with your air conditioner.

If you need any kind of help with your appliance, all you have to do is contact us. For example, a common problem faced by homeowners is that there is inconsistent air flow from the vents. It might be cooling, but since the air is weak, you hardly feel any effect.

Why is your A/C not blowing hard?

Low airflow can happen due to a number of reasons like the following:

  1. A dirty air filter can often hinder the air flow badly. In case your filter is covered by a thick film dust, there is no way that you will get a strong blast of air because the system is basically getting clogged. There is no way that the air can travel freely.
  2. Your air conditioner has a number of return vents through which the air is sucked into the system. In case they are blocked due to some reason or the other, it will negatively impact the amount of air that can pass through the supply vents reducing the cooling effect in the room.
  3. If you notice that the flex ductwork in the air conditioner has a number of severe kinks, you can be sure that the airflow will be reduced. This is because air will find it difficult to pass through the pipes and into your room.
  4. In case you forget to replace your air filter in a while or maybe run it without any air filter, there is a very high chance that your evaporator coil will become too dirty to handle the clean air passing through.
  5. Leaky air ducts are a major cause of low airflow. If the air ducts leak in random rooms where you do not need cooling, you will be losing out while sitting in your own house.
  6. Every air conditioner comes with a blower which is a fan that is placed inside the air conditioner’s indoor unit. It helps blows the air in and out through the vents. If your blower does not function properly, you will not be able to feel the cool air.

Air Conditioning Service in New Port Richey FL

We offer a number of coupons so that you can have your air conditioner services without stressing a lot. You can have $25 off your first year of Silver Club Membership that will give you two scheduled maintenance visits each year an additional 15% discount on repairs. There is also an offer which will give you $100 off when you are doing a complete system overhaul that consists of a thorough check. You can also avail the $150 discount on the UV light system.

Happy Servicing! Let us know if you have any questions.  (727) 888-5532