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How Often Do I Really Need To Change My Air Conditioning Filters?

By July 26, 2018October 30th, 2018Blog
How often should i change air filter

Many residents of Palm Harbor FL wonder how often they should change the air conditioning filter. When you replace the filter in your air conditioning system regularly, you are sure to keep your system running optimally. Cooling takes up a large chunk of the electricity bill in most households. When you ensure that your system is running as it should, you go an extra mile in keeping your energy bills low. That is why our experts in Palm Harbor FL are dedicated to helping you change your filters regularly.

Despite the importance of changing air filters often, many homeowners forget to do so for several months. The filter is tasked with removing most of the particles from the air inside your home, a factor that affects your indoor air quality alongside the efficacy of the entire system. It might also affect how long your system will last and if it requires repair over time.

Factors that determine how long you should replace your AC filter

How frequently should you change your filter? The answer is that it depends on various factors. Experts recommend that you change it every 30 days if yours is made from the low-cost fiberglass. If you are using the high-end pleated filters, you can change them every 6 months. However, these are only general recommendations. Let us look into the specifics:

Your frequency of using your air conditioner

One of the factors that determine how often you should change your AC filters is how frequently you use the AC. If you use the AC in a rarely used vacation house, you may change the filter once a year. On the other hand, an AC inside a suburban home should be changed at least every 90 days. Consider these additional circumstances as well:

A general rule of the thumb is that you should replace the filter in your HVAC every month. However, other factors change this timeframe. For instance, some months in Palm Harbor FL are hotter than others. You tend to use your AC more during the hot months than during the cooler months. During the months you use it more, make sure you replace the filter in less than one-month intervals.

How many people are in your home?

The number of pets and people living in the house will determine your home’s air quality. A person who lives alone and does not have any pets can replace the filter fewer times than another person living in a household with many people and several pets.

Pets usually add more dander into the air inside the house. They might also bring in many particles such as pollen, dirt and dust from the outdoors into your house. If you have one dog and one cat, changing the filter once in 90 days is appropriate.

The more the pets you live with, the more you should change the filter. For every additional pet, factor in at least 30 days of less performance. If you have several pets, change the filter at least once a month.

Do you have allergies?

In Palm Harbor FL, you ought to change your filter regularly because of the various allergens such as dust, moisture, and mold. If you are sensitive to contaminants in the air, it’s advisable to change the air filter once every 30 to 45 days. This will enable you and your family members to breathe easy all the time. Clean air means everyone has great health.

What type of filter do you use?

The last factor to consider is associated with the efficiency of the air filter in your AC. Highly efficient filters are made in a way that they trap more dust particles and last for a long time. Take note of your manufacturer’s recommendations concerning replacement of your air filters and make adjustments based on how regular you use them.

Contact us for quality AC services

Changing your air filter is an easy process that doesn’t require top end skills. However, to ensure that your system continues functioning optimally, you require regular maintenance. We are a leading air conditioning service provider in Palm Harbor FL and it offers quality services at competitive rates. Contact us today for a quote and excellent service afterward.