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Why are some Rooms in my Home Hotter than Others?

By May 24, 2018January 10th, 2024Blog
Burning fire image room is hot

Well, there are several causes for this and some are related to your HVAC. It may make your living room feel like a sauna which you are not certainly going to enjoy. So today we will discover the common reasons which make a room hotter than others which cover a wide range of reasons.

Why are some Rooms Hotter than Other Ones?

Air Conditioning Repair Pinellas County, FL experts Allied A/C will tell you the below reasons.

  1. The position of the Room

The position of your room and how it faces the sun can have an impact on its temperature. For example, if your room is exposed to sunlight for the most part of the day, it would even be hotter in the night. Whereas, rooms that fall into the shadows out of sunlight remain cool throughout the day.

  1. Problems with Air Vents

Sometimes the heating in the room may be caused by your air conditioning. The system pulls out hot air while sends cold air through the air vents. So if your home doesn’t have an adequate number of vents then ventilation would suffer making your room hotter.

The problem is more common in older homes which have clogged air vents blocking air passage. Ductworks are complex systems and fragile- so it’s best to seek professional help for the task.

  1. Air Duct Balancing

The ‘balancing’ of air can cause a room to get hotter than others. The amount of cold air reaching all your rooms is not the same causing the change in temperature. You can try to eliminate the problem by adjusting the dampers that that might become more of a hassle and lead to an unsuccessful project.

The wise thing would be to contact an HVAC and air conditioning agency who can successfully balance the air flow in the ducts. All your room will have even air flow and retain the same temperature. By balancing you can even use to increase the amount of cold air flow or hot air exhaust to maintain your desired temperature.

  1. Inadequate Insulation

Proper insulation is required to keep the cool air inside and the hot air outside; while the opposite is true in winter. There are many aspects of your home which can improve the insulation and keep your room temperature comfortable. You can try sealing or changing doors and windows, improve your flooring and another job for a better insulation.

  1. Dirty Filter

The return airflow gets chocked in the heating and cooling system due to dirty filters. This hinders the air traveling to other rooms and can lower or raise the temperature depending on the situation. You should check your filters regularly and change them if they are dirty blocking airflow.

     6. Low Electricity

Your cooling and heating systems and fans all run on electric supply. So if you have fluctuating voltage or low supply then the HVAC or fans won’t work to their full potential. As a result, your room temperature will increase. Have an electrician check out the system at your home and fix anything if required.

      7. Open Windows or Shades Opening

Your windows or shades may let natural light in-but it also increases the room temperature. So draw the curtains and shut the window if you want to have a cool room temperature.

Have a Professional Check-Up

You may not always find the problem with the overheating problem which is caused by a variety of reasons. Call over an electrician or HVAC specialist and have them examine your system to identify the issue. Then, you can work out a plan and set the temperature right.